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Top Rent Moto: experts in the world of motorcycle rentals. After careful consideration of market gurus reviews and testimonials owners themselves, we created for you motopark consisting exclusively of the best motorbike, each of which is in the class had become a legend. Another merit, we believe our team of professionals, united by love for motortechnique and ready to share their knowledge on the operation and maintenance of motorcycles, and most importantly - well aware that this European service. We are able to find the approach to each client, taking into account their needs and wishes.

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Rent a motorcycle in the company Top Rent Moto drawn literally 5 minutes in the comfort of the client's conditions on licenses. We work without days off and holidays, which means you can take on our bike rental in Italy, at any time of day or night, including immediately upon arrival at the airport. Our tech support speaks 4 languages, including Russian, so you can not worry about the language barrier. Years of work in the service sector have allowed us to bring our service to the highest level and to create a wide range of additional services, including rental motorcycle clothing and organizing Motorcycle tours with accompaniment, which greatly expanded the opportunities for our customers to travel to Italy.

Our motopark

Motopark company Top Rent Moto includes only new motorcycles known brands, which differ from each other in power, dynamics, engine size, rigidity suspension, a set of functions, modes of movement, assembly, headlights, controls, seat height and other parameters. A wide range of motorcycles allows each customer to find a motorbike to his liking, individual needs, and even increase! Some of them literally made for city driving, while others are designed for active tourism, and still others easily cope with bad roads, and the fourth ideal for conquering race tracks. BMW, Ducati, Honda, Moto Guzzi - we will find you the best bike for your goals!Top Rent Moto - experts in the world of motorcycle rentals. After careful consideration of market gurus reviews and owner testimonials , we created for you a motopark consisting exclusively of the best motorcycles, each of them a best in class or a legend. We believe that our team is made of the most skilled professionals, united by our love for speed and ready to share our knowledge on the operation and maintenance of motorcycles and, most importantly, aware about the details of this service in Europe. We are able to find the right approach for each client, considering their needs and wishes.

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About Top Rent Moto

With Top Rent you will find the latest bikes available with the best rates.

Our motopark is diverse and it is organized in categories to help you choose the right model based on your needs. Each of our bikes can be selected and rented in one city and dropped off in another, which adds flexibility to your trip.

When you visit our offices you will find the best equipment, helmets, GPS navigators and GoPro cameras available for you.

You can even take part in our organized tours, which happens at least 6 times per year. They will let you enjoy the road from 4 days up to 2 whole weeks.

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