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Rent motorcycle in Venice

Anyone who has not visited Venice haven't seen the real beauty of Italy! This enigmatic city, with its wonderful canals, is one of the most enchanting and mysterious places in the world. Only here you will enjoy the ethernal beauty of the Doge's Palace, the fantastic splendor of the Cathedral of St. Mark, a ride on a gondola on the Grand Canal. Do not forget to look at local cafes and try delicious clams with traditional Venetian risotto. Regardless of the purpose of your arrival to the city, a BMW rental in Venice can make your day better.
Using a motorcycle will give you an unique advantage: you will be able to access exclusive places in Venice. There are places in the city which aren't accessible for cars, so you will need a motorcycle to explore the city and its cannals in its fullest.
By using a motorcycle rental in Venice you will be able to go as you wish with a Ducati Multistrada or a BMW 1200RT. You will also have a much better experience by being able to go sightseeing or shopping in your own rhythm.

Cost to rent a motorcycle in Venice

Renting a motorcycle in Venice is an excellent idea. In addition to having much more quality in your trip, you will also be able to enjoy the riding experience.
The price to rent a motorcycle in Venice starts at 45 EUR if you want to rent a BMW C650 for at least 5 days. The price to rent a BMW K1600GTL, with 160HP and 1600 cc, starts at 100 EUR. The mileage is charged separately and it costs 0.20 EUR per km for models with less than 1000cc and 0.25 EUR per km for models with more than 1000cc. We also offer an unlimited mileage option for rentals of at least 5 days. It costs 50 EUR per day and it is in addition to the moto rental price.
All you need to do to rent a motorcycle in Venice is to contact our reputable moto rental team from Top Rent Moto. However, it is necessary for the driver to have his identification card and a valid driving license. You will also need a credit card for the deposit and payment. Make sure you have a driving experience and sophistication as you have never experienced.

How to rent a motorcycle in Venice

To enjoy your visit to the cannals and gondolas, you will want to rent a motorcycle in Venice. This way you will be able to enjoy the luxury and be able to come directly to your hotel in your bike (assuming the hotel is not on a cannal, of course!).
You can book online so you can have a BMW 1200RT available as soon as you arrive to the city.
To rent a motorcycle in Venice, follow these simple steps:

    • Select the motorcycle you want to rent. You can check the best models to rent in Venice here at this page.
    • Click on the model you want to rent to learn more about it.
    • Click on the rent now button at the motorcycle page.
    • Fill the requested information and click on the "Submit" button.
    • That's it. The Top Rent Moto team will soon contact you to give details about your motorcycle rental.

You can also rent a motorcycle in Venice by calling our Top Rent Moto team on +393391461303 or by sending an email to [email protected].
We are ready to provide you with the services needed to enjoy your trip in its fullest, such as the rental of technical equipment, such as technical clothing and GPS navigators. We also offer the option of accompanied trips through Italy, which will let you enjoy the best places in the country.

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