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General questions

All motorcycles are insured under the CASCO system with personal liability. This means that if damage is caused to the motorcycle, your responsibility equals the amount of the deposit. The size of the deposit depends on the chosen model. Additionally, for an additional fee (from 15 to 25 euros per day), you can opt for enhanced insurance, where the deposit becomes approximately 50% of the initial one.

For example:

BMW GS 1200.

Deposit - 2000€

With maximum insurance coverage (25€/day) - deposit 800€

Minimum age 25. However, in some cases, if the under required age rider is accompanied by an older rider willing accept the responsibility, we may be able to supply some lower level motorcycles. The maximum age is 77, sadly our insurance wont cover riders older than this. 
By Italian law anyone under 21 can only ride motorcycles with less than 25kW (34hp).

50% booking deposit of the 0km rental price will be levied on receiving your written booking confirmation. This deposit once levied will become non-refundable. 

The remaining 50% of total rental will be levied 15 days prior to rental commencement or on rental start day. Any cancellations after the balance has been taken are not refundable.

If you do cancel a booking prior to 30 days from rental start then your deposit can be used as deposit for a rental up to the end of the following season to the one you had made the booking.

If you cancel between 30 and 15 days prior to rental start date the booking deposit becomes cancellation panalty.

If you cancel between 15 and 0 days you loose the entire value of the 0km rental.  

In summary if you have to cancel:
up to 30 days from rental start 50% booking deposit is kept for the entire following season as credit towards a rental or other services
from 30 to 15 days from rental start you loose the booking deposit
from 15 to 0 days from rental start you loose the entire 0km rental fee. 

Each motorcycle has a damage deposit. This amount will be frozen on your credit card, but not cashed. Please ensure that you have enough funds to cover the rental price and the damage deposit on your cards. 

No motorcycle will be allowed to leave the rental station if the damage deposit is not covered by your credit card. In this event you will be still held liable for the rental payment charges in full.
The deposit is your maximum liability for theft or damage to the vehicle. In some cases for particular models this may not be the case. You will be specifically informed prior to booking such a motorcycle.

All vehicles are requested by law in Italy to have third party liability insurance. So all rental vehicles will be covered against damages towards third parties and transported passengers. There is no possibility to have fully comprehensive insurance on rental motorcycles in Italy. Any limitation on damages on the motorcycle is made on the back of the rental company. This is the reason why there are different damage deposits depending on model and value of the motorcycles. In case of total destruction or theft you will loose your entire damage deposit. In the event of damages to the bike, the damage deposit will be held on standby by the rental company and once damage has been assessed, you will informedand charged accordingly.


  1. damage to the rented motorcycle resulting from accidents between rental bikes are NOT covered by the third party liability insurance. In this instance the rental clients will be fully liable for any damage caused to people or motorcycles with no limitation.
  2. damage to the rented motorcycle resulting from an accident where the rental client was under the influence of alcohol or drugs will also NOT benefit from the damage deposit limitation.
  3. damage resulting from the rental client's gross misconduct will also NOT benefit from the damage deposit limitation
  4. in the event that your rented vehicle is confiscated by the police for circumstances depending from the rental client's negligence, the rental client will be held liable for rental charges for the time the vehicle remains in police custody and for any additional charges related to this offence


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